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International Repair Day – Saturday, 21st October 2017, is our chance to shout about the importance of repair and the growing global community repair movement. This year is only the beginning – let’s make enough noise that more people, groups and companies get on board for 2018.

So far, there are 36 events in seven countries on International Repair Day. Make sure you list yours here, and urge other groups to list theirs.


Alert the local media!

Download and customise our template press release for your local event – make sure you add all the details, translate it if necessary, and send it off to the local media. You can even use it for posting on your blog or social media!


Hashtags and messages

We’ll be tweeting using #RepairDay. Use also the word ‘repair’ in your local language as well, such as #Reparatur. Here’s some suggestions for what to share:

  • Repair is green. Repair is creative. Repair is social.
  • Broken is not an option!
  • A fixed thing is a beautiful thing.
  • Repair nurtures curiosity.
  • Repair is an adventure.
  • Obey your conscience, disobey the throw-away economy. Repair!


How to get involved

  1. Share your repairs (successful or not) with our A4 poster (below)
  2. Come to a community repair event
  3. Subscribe to your local repair group’s newsletter or social media channels
  4. Sign up as a new repair volunteer


Visual resources

  • A4 poster for photos with participants (Eng) – (De) (Es) available on request. Print and bring to events, and photograph people and their repaired things
  • Logos for social media (colour) and signs (b&w)


Shareable Content

Global Repair Cafe map
Platform 21 Repair Manifesto – via Makezine
iFixit’s Repair Manifesto (available in German and 13 other languages)
Sugru’s The Fixer’s Manifesto
The Restart Code