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We’re thrilled to announce Fixfest 2019 in Berlin, the second-ever global gathering of community repair activists.

Our hosts 20-22 September will be Runder Tisch Reparatur, the German “repair roundtable”. The event will take place at Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, on the Charlottenburg campus.

We are gathering after an academic conference on product lifetimes and the environment, PLATE 2019, so scholars can stay on and join us activists.

Please save the dates, and investigate funding opportunities to pay your way. The Restart Project will sponsor participation of select network members. More details and pre-registration will be available soon.


The Restart Project hosted the first-ever Fixfest in London, in October 2017.

The concept behind Fixfest is to strengthen the community repair movement, helping articulate demands “upstream” by promote international gatherings on alternating years, and national gatherings in the interim.

On the agenda for Fixfest 2019 is to determine a sustainable model to manage and maintain Fixfest events in future.

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  1. Can the organisers check out the DIF model of video streaming the events/talks/workshops etc . We are in Australia and are committed to reducing CO2 emissions by not flying.

    1. I seriously dig this comment. ????????????????????????

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