From Friday, 6 October to Sunday, 8 October, we will be hosting the first international Fixfest in London. This will be an opportunity to bring the international Restarter community together for the first time. People interested in fixing from all over the world — activists, designers, makers, tinkerers, and more — will be able to meet up and share experience.

With data gathered from our Fixometer, we’ve determined that only half of the items brought to us are successfully repaired. We know this is an immense source of frustration for our volunteers and our extended community, and we think it’s time we put our heads together to brainstorm solutions to this systemic problem.

We’re planning a weekend of panel discussions, talks and workshops – both with you, and by you. In between events there will be time to meet new people and form connections. We’re still at the party-planning stage of our preparation, and we want you to be involved. What or who would you like to see at Fixfest? Do you have a favourite repair guru, a particular topic you want to see discussed, or a skill that you think should be shared?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for more details on this exciting event!