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You don’t have to bring anything to Fixfest apart from yourself: but we recommend the following items to take full advantage of events.

  1. If you like to jot stuff down as you listen, bring your own note-taking materials for keynote speeches, discussions and workshops. (Note plenary sessions will be recorded so that you can listen back later.)
  2. If you belong to a repair group or organisation, our Friday evening Marketplace is a chance to bring tradeable items like T-shirts, stickers, badgers, repair kits, tools or flyers to hand-out and swap with others. You can decide to swap, give, or sell in our “Marketplace”.
  3. On Saturday evening, our Restart Party will be a chance to teach others how to fix things, or learn from a pro. If you’re an experienced fixer, we recommend bringing along your favourite tools – please note that getting tools through airport security can be complicated, you might need to check your bags. If you’re coming to learn, bring a broken gadget to work on!
  4. We want to spread the Fixfest message far and wide. To contribute to our social media discussions and follow live updates, come with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or favourite communications gadget.