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Thank you to everyone who took part in the first ever Fixfest this past weekend!   Nearly 200 people from all over the world–everywhere from Argentina to Norway and beyond–came together to share their passion for repairing together.  During the event we also made a major declaration, marking the third Saturday in October as the annual International Day of Repair. Mark your calendars – this year it’s 21 October!

Check out some of the memorable moments below:



We were honoured to have such a great selection of speakers throughout the event, and later this week will be featuring each of their talks on the Restart Project YouTube channel.  In the mean time, why not catch up with the replay of the Fixfest Livestream on Periscope.  

What did you take away from Fixfest?  What moments inspired you that you’d like to share with others?  Share them with everyone on Social – use #Fixfest and join the conversation.

Thank you again for everyone for being a part of Fixfest!  We look forward to celebrating another world first on 21 October!