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Ok we are pretty VERY excited about the “unconference” part of Fixfest, part of which has already been organised with participants in advance. Never fear if you are slow in proposing your session, we still have open workshop slots and lightning talks are basically wide open.

If you would like to get involved and host a session, check out where all of the organising magic is happening in “the cloud” or drop by our unconference wall on Friday or Saturday morning in the Fixfest foyer at the New Academic Building at LSE.

Big thanks to our former home Makerversity for making the 3D printing workshop a possibility!

Here are some confirmed sessions, brought to you by facilitators from Buenos Aires, Cottenham, London, Loughborough, Oslo, New York, San Francisco, Tunis (fingers crossed for that visa, come on Home Office!)

  • Bringing repair into schools to teach green “ninja skills”
  • How to ensure a repair event is about learning
  • Teaching bike repair in a community setting
  • Replacing thermal fuses – 15p fix for many household appliances
  • Who repairs? Broadening participation in repair practices through design
  • Gauging repairability: community methods and future standards
  • Repair data dive – barriers to repair and positive impacts of repair
  • 3D printing for repair – designing and manufacturing replacement parts
  • Mapping and linking with commercial repair
  • Hack together audio equipment out of obsolete electronics
  • Legal framework for an international repair movement – right to repair, risk, liability

[Feature image by Fairphone]