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Four photos from Fixfest

Fixfest 2022 may be over, but the ideas, experiences and conversations we shared continue to resonate. True to the spirit of past gatherings, the connections we formed and renewed are truly global and we were delighted to welcome speakers from around the world both in Brussels and—for the first time—online too.

All of the online sessions, and a number of in-person sessions were recorded. We’re pleased to announce that all these recordings have now been published and can be found on YouTube.

Together we examined repair cultures and practices in over a dozen countries around the world, from India to Belgium to Mexico and how they mirror or differ from each other. We also learned about the state and nature of Right to Repair advocacy in many of these countries. Finally, we discussed how teachers, designers and students are making space for repair in education across the globe.

We’re incredibly grateful to all our amazing speakers! It was a truly fascinating day. If you missed Fixfest or want to revisit any of the sessions, you can find more information about Fixfest 2022 here as well as links to all the recordings below:

From Fixfest in Brussels

From Fixfest Online