Corporate campaigning: coordinating our global work to push manufacturers to embrace repair

We want to cultivate a repair-first mentality around the world. Part of that is pushing manufacturers of products to design for reparability and support the repair ecosystem. In addition to the legislative and policy advocacy done to increase requirements for manufacturers on these issues, we are increasingly putting direct pressure on these companies to improve their practices.

We know these corporate campaign tactics can be successful, indeed Apple, Microsoft, Google and others made concrete changes in response to growing shareholder advocacy and corporate campaigning. These are all global companies, and global coordination of these campaign tactics could be a new way to unite the Right to Repair efforts around the globe.

What we will discuss:

  • Review corporate campaigning work over the last year
  • Share some hope and plans for the upcoming year
  • Plan/coordinate tactics among a diverse set of FixFest attendees
  • Start a new working group on global corporate actions for repair


  • Nathan Proctor