Alison Powell

We’re excited to have as our London School of Economics guest Alison Powell, who is an Assistant Professor and Programme Director of the MSc in Media and Communication (Data & Society). Her research has spanned many aspects of the ways in which our values influence the ways technologies are built, and how technologies in turn affect the ways we interact with the world and with each other.

Currently, she is writing a book about the way that cities are changing with the expanding ‘Internet of Things’, and how these changes are related to data governance, technological citizenship, and ethics.

In the past, she has looked at the policy impact of community wireless networking, digital rights activism and the expansion of open source, DIY and hacking culture: from software, to hardware, to open science.

Alison has also delivered reports to the Science and Technology Committee in the House of Commons. Through her research, Alison aims to come up with practical policy solutions to some tricky questions.

Watch Alison in conversation with iFixit’s Kyle Wiens at Fixfest: