Leyla Acaroglu

Disrupting design

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu [A-jar-a-loo] was named a UNEP Champion of the Earth last year. She founded the UnSchool, where she teaches her ‘Disruptive Design Method’ for activating social change by design.

Leyla has written and spoken extensively on our need to think in terms of systems, and to understand the role that design has to play in the problems of overconsumption, resource exhaustion, and massive amounts of waste. Her unique approach to problem-solving considers the complexity of our world as a cause for hope and celebration rather than despair.

Leyla inspires people to recognize the agency they have in re-designing the world we live in: from the products we use, to the socio-economic systems in which they are circulated. She has published several handbooks for aspiring designers and change-makers, and delivered workshops and talks all over the world.

Watch Leyla’s keynote address