Networks and maps: Working with professional repairers

The Vienna repair network has existed since 1999. It is an association of currently around 150 repair companies in different sectors. The network makes it easy for citizens to find a suitable repair shop. The network does public relations work and also represents the interests of its members. There are criteria for admission to the network and there is quality management. DIY partnerships are currently being established with repair cafés, workshop providers and open workshops. A field report.


Our experience of over 7 years has shown us there is great local interest in repair, but also a practical and perceived difficulty in finding trustworthy repair services. We therefore decided to create a tool to make this easier and more accessible. aims to create an open and collaborative directory and network of repairers that will help users find the best solution for out-of-use items, strengthen the repair sector by generating greater job stability, and contribute to reducing waste and CO2 emissions. is an online platform that allows users to search and rate repair services according to category and location, which aims to make repairing easier by helping connect broken objects with repairers. In this session we intend to present our efforts in building and sustaining a strong and reliable database, a user friendly platform and creating a useful tool.


  • Markus Piringer
  • Melina Scioli